Hospice Care

What You Need To Know About Hospice

Hospice care is a unique kind of treatment given only to terminally ill patients. Unlike the traditional methods, Hospice doesn’t aim to cure the disease. It’s main aim is to let the patients live a pain free life in their final days. It focuses more on the quality of life.

Qualify: Not everyone qualifies for hospice care. The patient will be examined by physicians initially, and they will have to confirm, that the patient is suffering from a life-altering condition. If they think, that the patient won’t live for more than six months, then only he or she qualifies. Once the program starts, the patient can end it anytime. There is no age limit for Hospice. Most of the patients are more than 70 years of age. But, if a child fulfills the eligibility criteria, then he or she can also qualify.

Hospice team: There are specialized Hospice centers for this kind of treatment. But most patients prefer to stay back at home. If you are opting for Hospice for your parents, there will be a lot of people to assist you. Apart from qualified nurses and doctors, social workers and volunteers are also usually present in a Hospice team. Sometimes, spiritual advisers will also be there to provide mental support. Every week, at least member of the team will definitely come to meet the patient. They will constantly communicate with you, regarding the progress of the treatment, and what you can expect. Apart from that, the team will also bring all the necessary equipment like hospital beds and other medical tools, as per requirements. However, opting for Hospice, doesn’t mean that the patient has to stop visiting their regular doctor. The Hospice team will consult with the doctor and will work together.

The main reasons why so many patients prefer Hospice are:

1. No one likes to die at the hospital. Everyone wants to stay with their family during the last few months. But unfortunately, most terminally ill patients die at the hospital, supported by life support systems. On the other hand, the Hospice team tries to fulfill all the wishes of their patients and does everything possible to give them a comfortable and dignified death.

2. It also makes life much easier for the family of the victim. The Hospice team will take care of everything. Hence, instead of running to the hospital everyday and worrying about the treatment, you will get to spend quality time with the patient.

3. In case of any emergency, you can call them immediately. They are available 24X7, and will come down to your house as soon as possible.

4. The work of a Hospice team doesn’t end after the death of the patient. Even after that, they will provide counseling sessions to you and your family members, so that you can quickly recover from the loss. They will also assist you with the after death formalities.

Generally, Medicare or Medicaid covers all the Hospice expenses. Even if you don’t have any insurance, you can still go for it, if you want.

Additional Infomation:

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